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Karen and her husband David

Karen, husband David and Sons Chris, Jon and Dave

As an adopted baby twin, my parents the late Dr. Leotis Peterman from Abbeville, Alabama and the late Lucy Bell Peterman Lane from Birmingham, Alabama, raised me and my twin sister to value education, serve in church and the community and to earn what you desire to pursue. 

Every year we would go to the campgrounds in Selma Alabama. My father was a deacon and my mother was the church organist at the Historic First Baptist Church North Ripley Street in Montgomery, Alabama. My family moved to Nashville in 1985 and we lived on the Historic Fisk University Campus.  My father became a deacon and my mother the church organist at Historic First Baptist Church Capitol Hill Downtown Nashville.  I watched both my parents work hard as educators earning their positions here in Nashville as Chief Financial Officer at Fisk University and Head Librarian at Hillsboro High School.

I lost both my parents during my early years as a student at Tennessee State University.

I became a mother at the early age of 19 years old and found myself attending college at Tennessee State University, raising two baby boys 11 months apart and working full time. After graduating with my undergraduate degree, I went on to graduate school, still working full time and raising my children. I was determined to get my education and get my work experience.

I began my career doing accounts receivable and accounts payable at Vanderbilt University Patient Accounting. I went on to intern in Human Resources with the Federal Government at U.S. Geological Survey where I learned that my passion was serving others and helping to make processes and procedures more efficient. I progressed in management at Shoney’s Inc., HCA, the State of Tennessee and now Mercy Health Services.  

I have had the unique experience of serving both in the public and private sectors. This has afforded me the opportunity to acquire a cross-section of knowledge, which enables me to have a creative, open-minded management style with people and processes.

It is truly exciting to pursue a position in local government, for which I have a deep passion, to further use my skills and knowledge to serve the people of our city.

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